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Mold Inspections, Cleanup And Remediation in Chandler

mold_growth_cleaningThere are many residential and commercial properties all over America, especially in Chandler, that have been dealing with mold in their homes. Mold is very hazardous and can lead to a multitude of detrimental health effects on anyone who is in contact with it on a regular basis. It’s very important that at the first signs of a mold outbreak that professionals are called in to evaluate the mold type and problem. Action 1 Restoration of Chandler is a dedicated team that has been dealing with mold for many years now. Our team has the knowledge and expertise that you need when it comes to dealing with a mold outbreak in your home.


Mold Inspections

Our company prides itself on providing some of the most concise and effective mold inspections in the entire Chandler area. We have years of experience in dealing with many households that have been infested with mold, so we know exactly where to look when it comes to inspections. Our team knows what to look for in a house which has been known to harbor large amounts of mold. You won’t find any other business in the Chandler area that has such an extensive and expert knowledge of mold than our team at Action 1 Restoration of Chandler.

It is very important that when you suspect a mold infestation that you get a professional team to provide your house with a mold inspection. If you go with a sub-par business that provides a half-hearted mold inspection, you could end up with an untreated mold problem that will become worse and worse as time goes on. This is why it’s so important that you get a professional and experienced business that has years of experience in dealing with mold damage. We will be able to inspect and fix the mold problem before it can become any kind of a serious threat to the home.


Mold Testing

Included with mold inspections at Action 1 Restoration of Chandler is mold testing done both before and after mold remediation. Our team will ensure that we find out each and every area that has been affected with mold inside your home or business. It should be understood that it is imperative to get rid of absolutely all of the mold inside a home. If you were to miss one area, the area would then spread once again to the rest of the house. Rest assured, when getting mold testing done with Action 1 Restoration, you will be guaranteed that we will find every single area infected with mold.

Our team will not only find out exactly all the places that have been infected with mold, we will also test afterwards to make sure that it’s gone for good. You will find that many other mold remediation businesses will not bother doing a mold test after the mold remediation has been done. Thankfully, our team are dedicated to ensuring that once we clean your mold situation, you will be mold free for the long run as well.


Mold Removal and Remediation

moldremOur team has all the equipment and expertise needed to correctly remove and remediate an area that has been infested with mold. We will ensure that all of the mold will be removed, and carefully remove of any contaminated materials such as drywall from the home. During the process, any objects and furniture that have been infected with mold will be treated and dried to ensure that they will be completely mold free and able to be placed back in the home.

We ensure that each and every single mold removal and remediation procedure that we conduct is to the highest degree. We ensure that every single corner and space inside a home is mold free, to ensure your home is safe and livable after the mold problem.

At Action 1 Restoration of Chandler we really pride ourselves on the mold removal service that we give to our clients. We are very serious and committed to providing all of our clients, whoever they may be, the absolute best and most effective mold testing, inspecting and removal service in Chandler.